Premium satin enamel

Premium satin enamel is a premium enamel with matt and smooth finish. Premium satin enamel is an oil base paint applicable on wall, wood, metal etc. This paint is washable and easily remove the strains from the surface with soap water. It also lasts for over 4 to 5 years.

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Pack size : 500ml 1ltr 4ltr 10ltr 20ltr
Area coverage : 80 to 100 feets per ltr
No. Of shades : 1600+
Flammable: yes
Smell : high
Type : liquid
Durability : 4 to 5 years
Applicable : brush/roller/spray
Drying time : 4 to 6 hrs
Dilute : 200 ml of thinner per ltr
Lead quantity : zero


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