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PALG | Persian Assistant & Logistic Group stands as a trustworthy collaborator for technical project management and various other support services across the Middle East and Southwest Asia. Our primary objective is to leverage diverse skills and expertise to serve as a bridge between local organizations, consulting engineering firms, and international suppliers. 

Our paramount mission is to provide steadfast support, fortify companies with robust hardware and superior human resources through on-site training, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience for specialized aerial & marine missions. Our dedicated team members are prepared to take on any challenging project within the Southwest Asian region.

Who is PALG?

Ahmad Hadavand – CEO

Dr. Ahmad Hadavand, our esteemed CEO, is a preeminent expert in the field of Photogrammetry, with a rich portfolio encompassing over 8 years of experience in various photogrammetry and mapping projects. After securing a PhD in Photogrammetry from the prestigious University of Tehran in 2019, Dr. Hadavand immersed himself in an extensive career in geospatial analysis, diligently implementing his unique blend of academic insight and practical industry experience.

His specialization in photogrammetry and remote sensing, coupled with his interest in AI research, propels our company to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. Dr. Hadavand’s drive to innovate and his unrelenting commitment to excellence provide the backbone of our strategic vision, guiding us in delivering the most accurate and high-quality geospatial data solutions to our clients.

Saeed Mohammad Nejad Niazi – COO

Saeed Mohammad Nejad Niazi, our dynamic COO, brings over 12 years of rich managerial experience to our team, particularly in overseeing diverse mapping projects. After earning his Master’s degree in Photogrammetry from the acclaimed K.N.Toosi University of Technology in 2015, Mr. Niazi quickly established himself as a pivotal figure in the realm of geospatial technology.

Famed for his hands-on approach and meticulous project management, Mr. Niazi excels at steering complex projects to successful completion, including the notable national project of historical image orthorectification. His invaluable expertise, coupled with his tenacious spirit, ensures we maintain our edge in delivering comprehensive geospatial data solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Under their adept leadership, we at PALG commit to pushing the boundaries of geospatial technology and strive to deliver unrivaled, top-quality solutions that cater to a broad range of industries and sectors.

Our Services

Project Engineering, Development, and Management

At PALG, our core focus is on integrating the latest techniques for terrestrial and maritime surveillance, alongside comprehensive spatial data acquisition using an array of specialized tools.

The foundation of this line of work lies in the establishment of an effective project framework, including adept management and meticulous control, aspects as crucial as the purely technical components. Identifying and effectively collaborating with the right partners, suppliers, and other pertinent stakeholders is pivotal to the successful outcome of a project and, regrettably, is often the cause of project failure if neglected.

The true power of PALG lies in what we call “Technical Project Management”. This encapsulates all the elements highlighted above. Through this approach, we support the successful execution of projects by positioning ourselves as the quality custodians at the heart of every project.

Supply of Airborne Capacity (Staff, Sensors, Platforms)

Often, survey missions are carried out using bespoke equipment. In such scenarios, we must fully understand the potential implications this can have on the quality of our expected data. With proper training and knowledgeable, experienced specialists on board, we can prevent complications down the line.

Moreover, to maximize the utility of currently accessible equipment, the insights and expertise of highly skilled professionals can be leveraged, and assets can be effectively reengineered.

Our proficient team provides sensor engineering and design services, among other essentials. Furthermore, we extend our support throughout the project lifecycle, encompassing data processing chains and office staff training, adhering to the highest standards in the industry.

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